The TR Wiki is a knowledge base depicting the structure of the TR industry. It serves as a referential of airports, shops, retailers and much more. Offering not only a comprehensive listing and description of those different elements, but also the links between them and their evolution through time.

Knowing who operates where, sells what and how are the key objectives of the TR Wiki. It offers a deep and structured understanding of the relationships between the key actors and concepts of the industry on a continuous basis.

Endorsed by leading associations such as TFWA and DFWC, this knowledge base is fed and maintained by a unique blend of advanced AI technologies and human collaborative intelligence. Smart algorithms repeatedly scan the web and integrate incoming information. Further, users from leading associations, organizations, press agencies and research actors of the TR industry, can challenge and add data in a continuous improvement fashion.

While being a key element of other tools of the TR toolbox such as the TR Search Engine, the TR Wiki is directly accessible through an online interface of its own. This allows the user not only to navigate the knowledge base, but also to send feedback and new intelligence to the system. Advanced database access for integration with your own reporting system is also available.